About me

Hi there! I’m a language trainer and coach by day, aspiring photographer and writer by night, and this is my website. I live in Boennigheim, Germany, love being in nature and have a great dog named Hiro, who joins me on most expeditions. (Inclusive of all weather conditions.)

Although I was born in Australia and lived my formative years there, I’ve lived abroad, in total, for over two decades. I feel Australian when I live in Germany and when visiting Australia feel European. The art of belonging is one I’m intimately connected to. This ongoing theme shows up here in my newly refurbished website as I explore how to create community even when we feel isolated.

We often hear of finding our tribe, as if there is one group of people out there that we can connect to and have a sense of belonging. I believe, that as someone who feels like a citizen of the world, that tribe is not one, but many. And sometimes it is just one person or many.

Humans are social beings. But so often, if you are a seeker of life and truth and living life your way, belonging can also feel like a noose around your neck. My hope, is that we can all find a way to be in community, just as we also find a way to be community for ourselves.

When we belong to ourselves, we can then take the risk to belong to others. Healthy connection requires healthy boundaries.

These are just some of the life lessons I’m learning and form the foundation of one of my raison d’être.  Come join me in creating a virtual online community.