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An updated update

Sometimes an idea just won’t let go. This was one of those. In my mind’s eye, I had seen this piece with old steel industrial-style wheels on it, but had struggled to make it happen. After writing the post Updated Vintage Chest of Drawers, claiming it as a finished piece, and advertising it online for sale, I still could not let the idea go. All I could see was an unfinished piece. After procrastinating for weeks, I took action and followed through with my original idea.

I removed the original base using a circular saw and replaced it with a solid piece of chipboard, cut, nailed and glued into place. The rollers attached easily to the new base, and I retouched everything with fresh paint, sealant and wax. It is very satisfying to push through my fears, extend my skill set and pull it together. Although the rollers add some weight the benefits include moveability and flexibility. I also completely refurbished, oiled, painted and sealed the back, allowing for the piece to be placed off the wall if desired.

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