Eclectic Dining Chair Makeover

Have you ever started something small that highlights something big, that once started is hard to know when to stop? These chairs proved challenging for this very reason. For example, I noticed the previous finish on two of the chairs …

1950s Tepe Sideboard Refinished and Reimagined

Tepe made beautifully elegant pieces that stood alone or could combine in module form. After researching the company online, I discovered little of its history. Fortunately, Tepe included information on their module system and purpose on labels inside and on …

Dining Chairs Reupholstered

Reupholstering two mid-century dining chairs was relatively straightforward. The frames needed a basic sprucing up. I removed the old flaking finish and watched them come back to life with a couple of new layers of shellack. It was wonderful to …

Mid-Century Zebrano Sideboard

A novel textured linen fabric top compliments the zebrano veneer on this 60s vintage sideboard.

Mid-Century sideboard re-imagined

I was looking for something a little different to work with and this mini-sideboard became available. It had some good bones but also needed some repairs. The top was damaged and strips of wood veneer had come off. Halfway through …

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