Stunning Reimagination of Mid-Century-Modern Sideboard

This Mid-Century-Modern (MCM) sideboard, though plain, deserved better than the trash. I could already imagine replacing the existing base with new legs, placing fabric or wallpaper as a backdrop, and using a dark base colour, such a blue. Before getting …

Small Vintage Sideboard Spiced-up with Dixie Bell’s Pumpkin Spice

Dixie Bell’s Pumpkin Spice and Fusion Mineral Paint’s Inglenook spiced up this vintage sideboard. Add a lovely leaf decoupage and the final results is a deliciously warm upcycled sideboard ready for today’s eclectic home.

Chessboard side-table inspiration

I worked on this side-table inspired by the mini-series “Queen’s Gambit” in-between commissioned pieces. Creating fantasies and moods in the furniture I work on is a favourite activity of mine and in this one I envisioned a chessboard permanently marked …

1950s Tepe Sideboard Refinished and Reimagined

Tepe made beautifully elegant pieces that stood alone or could combine in module form. After researching the company online, I discovered little of its history. Fortunately, Tepe included information on their module system and purpose on labels inside and on …

Mid-Century Zebrano Sideboard

A novel textured linen fabric top compliments the zebrano veneer on this 60s vintage sideboard.

Mid-Century sideboard re-imagined

I was looking for something a little different to work with and this mini-sideboard became available. It had some good bones but also needed some repairs. The top was damaged and strips of wood veneer had come off. Halfway through …

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