Mid-Century,  refurbished furniture,  restored

Dining Chairs Reupholstered

Reupholstering two mid-century dining chairs was relatively straightforward. The frames needed a basic sprucing up. I removed the old flaking finish and watched them come back to life with a couple of new layers of shellack. It was wonderful to see how easy it was to re-energise them.

The cushioned seat covers desperately needed something new, but I hesitated to mess around with the inner padding. The old springs and stuffing were not perfect, but they were solid. In the end, keeping the old padding made sense, especially after researching viable options. To provide a buffer between the old and new, I added an extra layer of synthetic padding. Finding this vibrant green material at a local store was such a bonus. There are few local shops carrying craft products, so I was delighted to find this perfect vibrant green fabric at a shop not too far from where I live. Not only did I get to support a local business, I found the perfect piece of fabric.

Although I needed to do some research into the ‘how’ of upholstery, the ‘doing’ was considerably easier than some other projects I had worked on recently. I love the seat covers. They bring such vibrancy to the elegant shape of the frames.

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