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Elegant but well-used chest of drawers gets a facelift

This was truly a labour of love. I loved it from the beginning but knew its old cracked finish needed to be replaced. Sadly the cracks on the top went right through the veneer but I was determined to rescue the draw fronts, whatever it took.

My favourite chalk paint producer, Lignocolor, has a ‘Deep Sea’ blue/green that seemed perfect for the frame. Once again I used linseed oil (cold-pressed) on the drawer fronts, edged the rim with gold (Lingocolor 1881 Gold) and chose modern drawer handles also in gold to give that final lift. Shellack inside the drawers and chest frame helps with old odours and stops bleed through. It also has the added benefit of enhancing the old wood.

The secret touch is the painted flowers in ‘Deep Sea’ on the sides of each drawer visible only when the drawers are opened. And of course, layers of wax deepen the colours, give a more durable finish and give it a little sheen.

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