Mid-Century Zebrano Sideboard
Mid-Century Zebrano Sideboard

Mid-Century Zebrano Sideboard

Occasionally, an exceptional piece crosses my path. I found this sideboard at a local council-run second-hand shop. Given its age, the stunning zebrano (zebrawood) veneer was in good condition. The top of the sideboard was yellowed, chipped and showing clear signs of wear and tear.

Stripping it back to its natural state was not too difficult. What it revealed, however, was repairs from the past. This included a repair of the thin zebrano veneer using a wood filler. A complete mismatch in colour compared to the surrounding veneer. To repair this repair, I used a new piece of zebrano veneer and toned the colour to match the surrounding area.

My first vision for this piece was to give the top a faux linen look. Furniture artists such as Christina Muscari from Pretty Distressed (check out her video here) experimented with this look and I wanted to try this for myself. After several attempts, I acknowledged the end results did not meet my expectations, but I had become obsessed by the idea of a textured look on the top. I found some gorgeous natural 100% linen and used a decoupage technique only with fabric.

For the first 4 coats, I used Lignocolor’s Shabby Chic sealer as ‘glue’ and sealer. To take off any nubs and smooth out the surface, I lightly sanded between coats. I then used Lignocolor’s Multi-Sealer for the final 3 coats, providing a tough and durable surface with a silky sheen.

First seal coat

To complete the picture, I oiled the doors, sides and legs with hemp oil by Fusion and a final wax coating by Gilboy’s. I love the textured surface of the top and the wonderful wood sheen on the front and sides. If I didn’t already have a house full of furniture, this piece would be a welcome addition.

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