refurbished furniture,  restored

Restored turn-of-the-century plant stand

This delicate looking wood veneer plant stand had a lot of water damage on the surface. It was a risk stripping back the old surface because it was unclear how deep the damage went. There was also a wide crack splitting through the top shelf radiating from the middle. The beautiful two-toned veneer was also lost under the aged lacquer.

I filled the crack with wax and carefully stripped back the old finish with a carbide blade and eventually sandpaper. It was a slow process, given my fear of damaging the piece any further. What I discovered hiding underneath the layers of neglect was a stunning burnished redwood and yellow veneer edging. After researching options, I decided to stick with using a cold-pressed linseed oil which really brought out the existing colour while providing a water-resistant surface. I applied the oil several times, allowing it to dry fully in between layers. The bottom shelf seemed to be made of different wood and when stripped down showed a varied and inconsistent colour range. For this, I applied a teak stain a couple of times to even out the colour before finishing it off with oil.

A couple of replaced and tightened screws on the legs finished off this gorgeous piece. I love the colours that have emerged and look forward to seeing it used in the years to come.

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