Updated Vintage Chest of Drawers
Updated Vintage Chest of Drawers

Updated Vintage Chest of Drawers

This chest of drawers was a give-away. Solid but in desperate need of repairs and an updated look, I had the fortune of rescuing it. My first transformation goal included a retro industrial look inclusive of cast iron rollers. Unfortunately, my existing tools, space and skill-set stood in the way. In my small workspace, every inch counts and I came to the difficult conclusion that my ambition (some might say pig-headedness) was getting in the way of a hard reality. I needed the space. Which meant, I needed to sell the piece, as is. So with a little tweaking, I created a slightly more off-beat look, still with classic lines and a sturdy exterior, but with more of a bohemian flair.

The frame is painted using Fusion Mineral paints in Coal Black, walnut stain (by Lignocolor) on the drawer fronts and a variety of stains used to colour the top. The wood was so dry I infused it all with a tonne of gorgeous waxes, including a new product I tried out, Gilboy’s Beeswax Polish.

The battered and dry body interior and drawers have all been stripped and refinished, using Oli’s natural Hard wax oil with a final waxing using Gilboy’s Beeswax Polish.

As of writing this, it is for sale. If you are interested, you can find it on Ebay-kleinanzeigen or my Etsy store FurnitureArtbyMaire.

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