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Family Dining Table Starts New Chapter

This 40-year old dining table was ready for a new chapter in its life. The old brown/black stain hid the gorgeous knotty pine underneath and the countless nicks, scratches and dents made by the family over the years. It was important to hold onto some of those stories of life lived around the table while getting ready for the stories to come with a refreshed look.

Stripping back the old facade revealed its true character. Pine is a softwood, however, and it needed a primer coat before I could re-stain it. I used Lignocolor’s light walnut stain and then applied 4 coats of their 1K Multi-seal. Amid those beautiful knots of dark brown are small dints and scratches of the original dark brown stain. The table fits perfectly into the dining area complementing the chairs and dining hutch in the corner. It looks amazing. What do you think?

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